interview:: Pleasemachine

Nano-N): short description of your "production"
Pleasemachine-P):  Pleasemachine peculiar footwear is fine blend of design and pure craftsmenship.
Every pair of shoes is made by my very hands and my assistants.
We have our own shoe manufactory in Budapest, where experienced shoe makers are crafting Pleasemachine first samples, experimental designs and unique pieces in a very traditional way, with care and passion. 

N): What is creativity for you? - What is handmade?
P): Creativity is in awakeness at the moment. For example when I see an old sofa on the street with I think if that can be useful anyhow, then I cut out it's carpeting and recycle it in my shoes. 
Its my special edition made of recycled materials - formal leather and textile clothes found and collected on the streets of Budapest. All materials get hygienic treatment before processing.
And HandMade is the only future which can save us. 

N):  From what and how does your project?
P): My brand is 4 years old started on my kitchen, and by now I have my manufacture and 2 shoe shops in heart of Budapest.

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  1. Nano I want to say you: thank you so much for introducing me to an artist so good!!!


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