interview:: le animale

Nano-N): short description of your "production"
Leanimale-L): My name is Laura and I make all of the cute little animals of le animalé. I started in May of 2011, when I decided to share my love of animals and miniatures with the world and offer unique little totems that people could take with them or display in their favorite place. They provide fun and inspiration and cheerfulness, much like real animals!

N): What is creativity for you?
Creativity makes life interesting! I can't imagine life without creativity, I mean, yikes! To me, creativity has been a way to deal with life, it's been a way to celebrate life and actually, it's just a way of life. 

N): What is handmade?
L): Handmade is connection. It's details, charm, character, effort, talent, and soul. I really appreciate handmade things, I love shopping handmade, and I'm so happy to share my own handmade things with other people. 

N):  From what and how does your project?
L): Most of my work is created with polymer clay and paint. My planning involves deciding which animal to make, if even that. I've always faired best when relying on my inspiration, passion and instinct to guide my work, so that's what I do. You can see more about how my totems are made here: leanimale.com/2011/09/14/where-do-totems-come-from/

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  1. Very interesting :) Is the clay Laura uses polymer clay? O__o I tought it was clay :) Great, lovely creations! :D

  2. I love Le Animalé! I adore her tiny creatures :)
    beautiful and interesting interview!


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