Nano-N): short description of your "production"
Hi, my name is Solvita (but everyone calls me Sole ). I am a small town girl from Latvia and I opened my shop on Apr 9, 2010. Why pin-back buttons? Well.. I really like to wear different kind of brooches. I think it is very simple and easy way how to give your outfit that little "something". And as I am a big fan of the Nature, I came across the idea that I have to make a brooch with a little peace of "nature" in it . I use real feathers, dried flowers and leafs, real silver and gold foil. I also use recycled paper and super-thin handmade paper from Thailand. In my shop you can also find badges painted with watercolors or black ink. In other words, I use everything that is super-thin and beautiful. :)

N): What is creativity for you?
As I have a regular (boring) day job, creativity is a way how to express my self. It gives me a joy. And thanks to Etsy, I have meet so many talented and wonderful people around the world. Creativity and Art connects people and it is wonderful.

N): What is handmade?
S):What is Handmade to me? Handmade things have a soul. They are unique and never the same. Just like we people. You will never find a soul in some China-made-octopus-ring-or-something. I definitely chose handmade instead of mass production, because I want to know where it is made, who is the author, what is hers/his story.

N):  From what and how does your project?
 Most of all, I get my inspiration from nature. From blooming meadows, from sun-set sky, from clouds and colors of the autumn. Rainbow, sea, forest, everything. Mother Nature is the Greatest Artist. And I manage to steal a bit from her. ;) I really hope She don't mind.


  1. Great! :D I'm so happy to read an interview to Solvita :) I want one of her pins (I love them *__*) but, shame on me, I'm so slow to buy -__-

  2. Thank you for sharing this interesting interview! Love her work :)

  3. Thank you so much, Fern, for this opportunity. Your support and love is much appreciated. :))

  4. I wear Sole's pins almost every day and I love them! SO great to read about the technique and inspiration behind Sole's creations!


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