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Nano-N): short description of your "production"
JeezVanilla-J): My name is Adriana and I'm the girl behind JeezVanilla. I design on ceramics, basically applying my illustrations onto all kinds of tableware. I started JeezVanilla back in 2009, but it wasn't until late last year that I decided to dedicate to it most of my time. I love all things vintage, so my designs tend to have a flair of the old days but with modern style. And they always tell a story even if you don't necessarily need to know it to enjoy them, like the Retro People collection being based on lost photographs I find in flea markets in an effort to give a new adventure to those unknown faces. 

N): What is creativity for you?
J): Creativity for me is fun! Is being able to try new things, not caring about the result but enjoying the process and getting surprised and completely satisfied when something turns out beautiful.

N): What is handmade?
J): Handmade is an amazing opportunity for anyone to do pretty much anything! I think it is beautiful to create something with your own hands, the piece becomes something loved that possesses a meaning that a mass-produced object can never obtain. 

N):  From what and how does your project?
J): The inspiration for the collections comes from any random place: a book, or a movie, something that I hear on the streets… when I decide on a theme for the collection I go crazy buying every book and watching every movie I can find on the subject and I doing some proper research before starting to draw. Once the illustrations are made, i trace them with clear paper so that I can place them on top of the ceramics and I can get an idea of how they will look once fired. Then I transform de illustration into decals, that then will be applied onto the piece before firing it on the kiln. And when they come out they are done, the design is there to stay!

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