Nano-N): short description of your "production"
Vietto-V): My name is Minna Kaartinen and I run my own little eco fashion label Vietto. I founded it on Autumn 2007 and since then I've been making clothing, accessories and jewelry for women mainly of eco cotton, bamboo, left over and upcycled materials. I started my Etsy-shop on August of 2009, but first it was really slowly. I’ve been also selling my stuff here in Finland in few boutiques in biggest cities.

Nano-N): What is creativity for you?
Vietto-V): It is the main driving force for me. Actually I still have my day job, and I guess I must be a bit mad to use nearly all my free time to design and make the clothing and such. But I can’t help it, I have to keep creating!

Nano-N): What is handmade?
Vietto-V): It’s really important for me to make my items myself. I really want to see the result of my own hands. And I truly appreciate handmade stuff in general!

Nano-N):  From what and how does your project?
Vietto-V): I mainly use eco friendly materials because I find environmental issues so important for me. I really want to keep my line fresh, innovative and exciting. I love paint fabrics by hand, it gives the items very unique feeling. I also love the idea of convertible clothing, I’m really into them with my own wardrobe. I like to work with continueing ideas, I don’t truly make any seasonal collection. I keep working with my designs all the time and develop them further.


  1. Great interview! :)
    brava nano! :D

  2. Thank you so much for the lovely post! Awesome! :)

  3. nice to read more about you (fellow team member from etsy :) ctriangle), congrats!


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